We are watch lovers, but no label snobs. We love luxury, but aren’t afraid to mix and match. We are serious about delivering high quality products, but we don’t mind having a hell of a good time while doing it. We are Judith and Alex, the brains behind STRAP Society.

 Judith is the creative mastermind who has been working as an art director in the fashion industry for years. Alex is the numbers guy who has already established several successful businesses over the last decade. What makes us a perfect match? Uhm… We are both Taurus! And we share the addiction of swimming against the (main-)stream. Especially when it comes to watch bands.

 We spent a long time on a bountyless hunt for funky NATO straps. After being super bored of super boring NATO straps we decided: screw it, let’s do it. Ourselves. So, STRAP Society was born. We are sure you will love our idea of individualizing your timepiece as much as we do. Welcome to STRAP Society, enjoy the shopping and thank you for your good taste.